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The Troy Media Advantage to media relations

Discover the Troy Media Advantage to Media Relations

Journalists today are under a lot of pressure. Editors have very little time for editing because of staff cutbacks, and this  means many otherwise worthwhile commentaries – the best way of raising any organization’s profile – never get the exposure they should.

That’s where Troy Media comes in. Our team of professional editors – all journalists who know what opinion page editors are looking for – will edit your commentaries to the highest journalistic standards, making an editor’s decision to choose it rather than another an easy one.

And because Troy Media has been editing and distributing its clients’ commentaries since 2005, the media has come to rely on us more and more to fill their editorial needs.

Broaden your reach right across Canada

Over 19,000 journalists – editors, to news directors, to reporters and columnists – from across Canada are subscribed to Troy Media, a big reason why our clients and columnists appear as radio and TV guests and used as sources so consistently.

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