The Troy Media Advantage to commentary distribution

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Troy Media’s NO-RISK commentary editing and distribution service

Troy Media offers a powerful way of reaching readers through print and online media that is unmatched by any other service, because there is no other service built on the same model. The Troy Media difference is the remarkably high rate of pickup in newspapers large and small across Canada.

Troy Media offers:

* Access to our more than 1,800 media outlet subscribers

* Daily media monitoring reports for your commentaries, provided at no extra charge

* Free advertising on our newsletters to the media and on our website

* Cost-effective reach. Through our media network, your cost-per-thousand readers can drop to our client average of under a penny.

We have been a trusted editorial content provider – primarily through op-eds – to media outlets across Canada since 2005. And we have testimonials from clients and media on our effectiveness.

Summary of Troy Media benefits:

* Unmatched reach

* Editing included – by one of our professional journalists who have real-world print media experience

* No risk – it doesn’t run, you don’t pay

* Low cost – you pay only for those publications where we place the commentary, based on circulation. But you will not pay more than $649 for any one commentary, no matter how often it runs.

* Open contract. Stop and restart whenever you want

Why not try us out today? During your trial offer, your first 2 commentaries are FREE!

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