Discover Prague

Prague is definitely NOT an undiscovered old Eastern European capital. The first time we arrived in the city, we took the bus and subway into the center of town from the airport, and when we emerged from the subway, it was to a street crowded with tourists on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Prague – Music to your ears

The first time we went to Prague it was to see the city and its history, but music in Prague is part of the fabric of the city. I remember saying I had never seen a city before where everyone seemed to be walking around with a musical instrument of some type under their arm.

Na zdraví! The Czech Republic and beer

We’re not talking just any beer here. We’re talking Czech beer, lager to be specific. It was in the town of Plenz (Pilsen) that the first light golden lager was produced. Pilsner has become a generic term for similar lagers wherever they are brewed.