Something is happening in Norway

© Troy Media If an economically thriving social democracy like Norway were to turn right in its upcoming election, it would indeed be news

You will be charmed by Bergen, Norway

I have to admit that Bergen is of my one favorite cities in Norway, both because there is so much history there and because the old center seems so small and manageable.

Oslo will conquer your heart

Oslo is one European capital that is just far enough away that it may take you a while to visit it. But it is worth it.

Norway in a Nutshell

Here’s a travel tip: take advantage of one of the popular Norway in a Nutshell trips. The “Norway in a Nutshell” name is a registered trademark of the Fjord Tours.

Affordable Oslo

Affordable Oslo sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Scandinavian countries are expensive. Norway may just top the list.