Krakow’s Salt Mines a big tourist attraction

The Krakow Salt Mines as a tourist attraction? Yep, they are . . . a big one. Why? Because throughout the years the salt miners carved salt sculptures that are amazing to see. They’ve even carved whole rooms made of salt‚ including the chandeliers.

Krakow’s legends

Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Poland and, as in all old cities, Krakow legends abound.

Exploring Krakow is fun, easy and inexpensive

After you’ve settled into your hotel, preferably in or near the Old Town (the Stare Miasto), it is time to start exploring Krakow. While there is a lot to see, the Stare Miasto is where you’ll do most of your sightseeing.

Krakow the jewel of Poland

If you followed the Vistula River from Warsaw through Poland, you would come to Krakow (or Cracow in English). Four hundred years ago, it was the capital of Poland. Political power may have moved to Warsaw all those centuries ago, but we agree with the guidebooks that say Krakow can easily be called the jewel of the country today.